TJ Kent Racing are delighted to offer a variety of Racehorse Ownership options which vary in cost depending on the percentage of ownership you buy.


if you are looking to purchase a share in a Racehorse, this is a great option to choose and is also a brilliant way to meet people who have the same passion for horse racing as you. We can offer stable Syndicates that would run under the name 'TJ Kent Racing'.


Whats included in the price?
Our Syndicate option includes all the costs involved with the Racehorse. This comprises of a rider, hay, water, feed, supplements, veterinary bills, shoeing, heath, race entry and jockey fees, race day expenses and insurance cover. The Syndicate option is designed to be an inclusive offering with no hidden costs making Racehorse ownership as enjoyable as possible.
What do you get from owning one of our Racehorses:
Our ownership packages include yard visits by invitation, tickets to race days, your share of prize and sales money, regular updates on how your equine partner is training, as well as blogs and video updates from the Trainer. This unique experience of owning a racehorse, provides you with the chance to meet like-minded owners and share your passion for the sport.

Common Questions

How do I get Badges/Tickets?  
Badges/tickets are allocated each time your horse runs. Spare badges/tickets for other TJ Kent Racehorses can also be requested, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the race day experience and support T J Kent Racing even if your racehorse isn't running.

How many owners for each Racehorse?
The number of owners for each Racehorse varies. It can be from as little as two owners, increasing to up to forty owners offering different experiences to suit you and your budget.

Yard Visits
Yard visits are a great way to connect with your Racehorse and learn more about how the operation and Racehorse training works. You will be able to visit your Racehorse and watch them out on the notorious Newmarket gallops. as an owner, you will get to meet TJ and the team that care for your Racehorse every day and see the excellent yard facilities at Providence Gate Stables.  

Prize Money & Sales Money
Prize/sales money are shared fairly between all Owners. Your percentage of prize/sales money will be paid to you at the end of the year.

What if an offer is made your Racehorse?
If an offer is placed on your Racehorse, TJ will make the decision based on his expert opinion and the Owner(s) consensus.

What happens if I don’t want my share anymore?
After a year your share can be dissolved at any time, and all we require at least one months notice.

Can I sell my share?
Of course. Its a simple process of letting us know the new Owner(s) information.

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By being sole owner of your horse, this enables you to pick a name and choose the colours the horse will run in. You will also have a 100% share in the horse and can be involved with the decision making.


If you are a registered owner of a racehorse and are looking to share ownership of one or more horses, then a Partnership would be a great choice. Partnerships allow owners to define the percentage of each horse they own and split costs and winnings in accordance with ownership share.

Horses for Sale

If you are interested in ownership with TJ Kent Racing or need any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.