Syndicate Terms & Conditions
  1. Shares are sold for the price agreed and can be renewed each year. Shares will last the length of the horses racing career and or when a share contract is terminated. There is no entitlement to the horse after their retirement.
  2. Any Racehorse entry fees over £400 or race day expenses from travel to countries outside of England in excess of £500, are not included in monthly costs. The costs of these expenses will be deducted from any prize money at the end of the year.
  3. All decisions relating to the horse will be made by TJ Kent. These include, but are not limited to Racehorse entries, training, sale of the horse and welfare needs.
  4. TJ Kent Racing reserves the right to remove any member from the syndicate due to poor behaviour or failure to comply with these terms & conditions.
  5. Failure to make payment at the start of each month will see you issued with a warning. If failure to make payment continues, all prize money and equity interest in the horse will be foregone. You will also still be liable for the upkeep of the horse notwithstanding any non-payment and all rights will be reserved to pursue for this sum.
  6. Tickets for each race day will be balloted fairly to give all Owners an equal opportunity.
  7. Ownership is primarily a personal entertainment. It is not an investment opportunity.
  8. The horse will be trained by TJ Kent and cannot leave the yard to be trained by an alternate trainer unless authority is given by TJ Kent.
  9. If the horse suffers an injury or fatal injury that is not covered by insurance, TJ Kent Racing is not liable for these injuries and no refund will be given.
    We may be able to submit a claim under our insurance policy. Monthly fees will cease to continue.
  10. All Racehorses will run under TJ Kent Racing, for example in the TJ Kent Racing colours, unless agreed by the Trainer and Owner(s).
  11. By becoming an Owner(s) with TJ Kent Racing, paying the purchase price of the Racehorse and the subsequent monthly fees you agree to follow these terms and conditions.